Realign Your Business With Your Life

How one strategic hour a week can give you back a whole day every single week.

You can't build any Moxie without any time. 
You can't change your business to serve your life without any time. 
So we gotta get you back some space to breathe first, ok superwoman? 

Here's the low down

With simple to use templates and frameworks, I’ll show you exactly how to take your existing business and work a day less every week.

It’s called The Power Hour because we create a simple outcome quickly. If I could give every business owner one tool, it would be The Power Hour.

The Power Hour is a process within my program that helps my clients organize their whole week, in one hour, ultimately saving them time and energy throughout the week.


  • Having to respond to noise all the time within your business.
  • Always being 'on call' for emergencies.
  • Having time taken up by 'firefighting' problems that arise.
  • The never ending to do list that all business owners seem to rely on, and why it doesn't help and what to do instead.

The Power Hour bursts the myth of multitasking, and why it's actually really detrimental to our lives and our businesses to try and multitask.

Better yet, it helps my clients realign with their purpose, spend their time wisely and get in the right head space to start making real change within their business.

Does this sound like something that would help YOU in your business?

The Power Hour 

The Power Hour moves women from:









Our goal? The magical freedom of having a business without:

Working too many hours.
The guilt of missing out on family time.
Spending all your time firefighting drama to grow your business.

I'm going to guide you to:

Get a day back every week.
Find the value hidden in you and your business within 40 days. 
Change the way you do business so that everything you do is part of your priorities.

Ready to change the way you do business so that it works for YOU?

This is perfect for you if you want:

Clarity about where you’re going in your business.

A simple process to take action weekly towards your ideal week.

A business where you aren’t spread too thin.

Personalized support in getting your life back from your business. 

A business that can operate without you having to constantly do all the work.

A business where you don’t miss out on important moments with loved ones.

To feel in control of your business and time instead of in chaos and constant stress. 




Over the next 6 weeks…

Your time is your own when you know what you need out of the week. We’ll establish where you’re going with clarity and confidence.

You’ll be able to:
  1. Set your own hours.
  2. Set your own terms.
  3. Confidently say no to things that don’t serve you.

… we’ll create 3 Key Foundations, called The Freedom Trio:

1. Your Power Hour

We’ll discover what success looks like for you so we can implement strategic systems to get you there.

Saving you:
  1. Time
  2. Energy.
  3. Workload

2. Your Version of Success

Female business owners generally do the lion's share of the second shift work, becoming drained quickly with less time for their business.

Our Second Shift Sharer will help you build better systems to share housework with all the people in your home. 

3. The Second Shift Sharer

We get clear on your ideal week and use our set of magic tricks to clear an hour from your day so you have time to work on your business rather than be in it all the time. 

Phase One

Then we’ll implement these 3 phases…

Once our magic tricks have kicked in, during Phase 2 we’ll build the simple decision filters that will make overwhelm a thing of the past.

Phase Two

And lastly, we will install The Power Hour into your week. The Power Hour is simply a 1-hour process that removes all the time-wasting noise from your days, refocusing on what’s most important to you,

Phase Three

Not only create the 3 Key Foundations and walk through the 3 Phases, but we’ll also get you taking action toward your ideal business and life – far away from those overworked weeks and sleepless nights!

Together we’ll…


A tradie who saved $50,000 in 40 days with one process change.

A conveyancer who stopped working part-time for someone else and added $20,000 a month to her existing business

A social media manager who went from stressed to complete clarity and simplicity in just one session

A Website Design Company Owner who stopped doing her employee’s work and has been on holiday twice in the last 12 months without her laptop.

An ECE owner who transitioned from “I’m going to sell the business and work for someone else” to tripling the size of her business in the last 6 months. 

A copywriter who went from being in every part of the business to not working for the next 6 months while on maternity leave.

They got this by uncovering all the resources they already had in their business and using them to build a system.

Want to be the next success story?



Here's how it works

We put that plan into action!

Once a month you jump on a live call with me personally.


Online Community

I put you inside a private group with me where I and the coaches are daily.


Step-by-step System

I give you access to a step-by-step system for you to work through.


During our time together we hang in a private group to brainstorm specific strategies for YOUR business so you can put it into action and report on your results. We’re a community that supports each other and shares our ideas for growth and our wins.

And another BONUS…

Ready to jump into our proven system for reshaping your business?


Are you ready to SAY YES to your business working towards your dream life?

✅ Strategic Planning Session with me 1 to 1:

Once you have your time under control you will find the opportunities for your business to open up and more start showing up. You and I will jump on a private one-to-one call and brainstorm what you want from your business 3 years from now, what resources you have to get there, and a plan to use those resources to your best advantage. You will leave the call knowing exactly what steps you need to take to go to the next level. (Unlocked when you complete The Power Hour)
What The Power Hour members comment on most is how simple, but revolutionary the approaches are in contrast to current conventional business coaching.

Even when I’m not on a call, it’s not unusual for me to spot why a system is not working in a few minutes. The turn-around often means adding hours back into your life and saving on the frustration of building a complicated system.

✅ My brain bandwidth:

✅ Collaboration with Other Power Hour Members:

Mix up your complimentary talents with other members' talents and create delicious short-term or long-term project partnerships which you will enjoy for years to come. Many of our members collaborate and I suspect you will too. 

Get the exact systems and processes we use every week to protect our time while running our two businesses. You can copy and paste them directly into your business or tweak them to fit. Either way, these blueprints will save you hours of work.

✅ Access to My Templates:

Set yourself up for success by declaring your one priority each week and enjoy the support of me, my team, and all of the Power Hour members.

✅ Weekly Accountability Thread:

✅ Access to all (past and future) Power Hour online training.

Working on your business is amazing but most people make it so damn complicated. Get my simple strategic plan that fits on one page and that you can actually use to move your business forward. (Unlocked when you complete The Power Hour trainings.)

✅ Use My Strategic Plan ($1500 Value): 

What if the work you did gave you energy instead of draining it? Imagine finishing work and being more energized than when you started. Working in your Natural Energy will give you this advantage and we will use Contribution Compass to profile you and keep you in that flow state more often. (Unlocked when you complete The Power Hour)

✅ The Natural Energy Advantage:


What’s the Investment?

If you’re already running a business it will cost you a FORTUNE to miss. With that said...

Your investment for The Power Hour uses my Pay As You Profit model which makes it ridiculously easy to get started.

US$25 now then weekly payments of $25 for as long as you stay (if you decide it's not for you just give us 30 days notice and we will say a sad but fond goodbye. 

Most of my students make their entire first year's investment  back inside the first week give or take as long as they do the work.

We’ll give you the SKILL and ABILITY to create a business you love that serves the life you want to live regardless of what society/friends/family think, what the economy is doing or how the world changes, etc.

You gotta do the work but I will give you the step-by-step instructions.

How much time do I need? 

Ultimately you can spend as much or as little on the program as you want. I suspect (I see you beautiful overachiever) you will likely spend too much time on most things. My recommendation is that you put aside one hour a week to get the work done plus you block out 5 minutes on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for the accountability processes AND you are 100% going to want to block out the coaching calls for 90 minutes once a month. Once you have completed the 6 modules The Power Hour itself takes one hour per week.

What do I need to bring?

You need to have a business that’s already making sales. We find great results for business owners making anywhere between $1,000 to $25,000 a month.

Will The Power Hour WORK in my industry?

I've built the Power Hour with business owners across dozens of industries and had tremendous success.

As long as time is your biggest challenge and there are PEOPLE in your business - customers or employees, The Power Hour will work because we simply tap into psychology which really never changes.

I haven’t started my business yet, can I join up?

Yes - The Power Hour is an amazing way of managing your transition into your own business AND making sure you build a business from the ground up that works for you. Plus the techniques and tools we have in the power hour work for any woman (human) juggling lots of roles and tasks - so it’s even going to help get your current life under control. Once you know how to use it and you use it every week magic things will happen… slowly over time. This isn’t a magic wand or pill - it's a process that if you USE it (just like doing a bicep curl) it will give you a result. If you don’t use it…guess what - No guns (the sexy bicep type), no magic. 

AND it’s an investment - you need to invest both the cash and the time to do the work. So if you aren’t ready to invest in yourself or your business then please don’t buy this program or any other. Everything in your business either requires you to invest time or money. Grabbing a program like this will reduce the time you have to spend getting clear on what business you are building and how you can navigate the sometimes bumpy transition from employee to business owner. And because it reduces the time, it costs you some money. I’ll leave you with this quote I live by.

“Broke business people spend time to save money. Wealthy business people spend money to save time.”

You don’t have enough time to make all the mistakes… let me help you skip over the ones I have already made for you. Shorten the time frame, reduce the pain, and get you into a business you love from the start.

Is there a guarantee?

There is. I believe in earning my keep and keeping my promises to people.

I will work with you until you've got back at LEAST a day a week no matter how long it takes AS LONG AS you are actually using The Power Hour.

But, come in, send the emails/messages/posts, and if we don’t win back your time inside that first 40 days I'm happy to help you dial in your systems or troubleshoot. Whatever it takes until you do get the day a week back. 

Then, you'll have the SKILL and ABILITY to build a business that serves you, regardless of outside influences, regardless of what the economy is doing, or what the government changes.

You are going to have to drive the car but I will give you the directions.

I work with my husband/partner/business partner and they are male can they come too?

Yes absolutely - we have quite a few partnerships, both business and intimate, inside our communities. It’s super helpful to have everyone on the same page in your business. And I’ve learned after nearly 20 years of being in an intimate relationship with the guy who is also my business partner in everything - if I tell him something awesome he should do that I learned from my coach… it sounds like nagging. If a coach tells him the exact same thing…. He takes it and runs with it. So instead of trying to bring your partner along on your own - let me do it for you. I promise it lands differently when someone else says it.

Also - this is a female space… so if your significant other or male business partner is uncomfortable in women’s spaces then this might not be for him. We do talk about hormones, periods, emotions, and yes menopause too cause this cycle stuff impacts us, our businesses, AND the people we love including them. All of the men inside our world are epic and an important part of our community… so bring them in… you’ll be surprised how helpful it is at work AND at home.

Is The Power Hour Right for me?

You are the right person for The Power Hour if:
✔ You are a woman who owns and runs a business
✔ You are the primary parent/caregiver or homemaker too (or plan to be one in the future.)
✔ You are a woman who is about to start her first/second/third business
✔ You are ready to stop the juggle and start seeing traction in every important part of your life 
✔ You want to be surrounded by people who are excited about building a business and love to cheer for you when it’s going great and pick you up when it gets bumpy.
✔ You want clarity on where to next, and how to navigate all of your roles, and want time back now. 
✔ You are willing to do the work and understand that while I will give you the templates, the processes, and the instructions if you don’t use them nothing will happen.
✔ You want to build a better business, stay married, and have the kids know what you look like, but want to do it fast without all the mistakes. 

You are not a good fit for The Power Hour if:
✘ You don’t have a business or a family and don’t plan to have one in the future. 
✘ You are looking for a magic pill, wand, or fairy godmother… There are none of those here, all of our strategies require you to do the work.
✘ You hate sharing your wins and lessons, and aren’t willing to learn to ask for help. 
✘ Are happy with your life and business as it is. YES, I love this for you, and if that is the case you absolutely don’t need this - go enjoy and have fun on your journey. 
✘ You prefer to do the work on your own, without help, slowly figuring it out. 
✘ You like excuses, playing small, and hiding from your potential then this program will not be your jam. 

Don’t miss out! It’s first come first serve…

We’re kicking off now. I'm taking people today and I'm inviting YOU to join the crew…are you ready to join?